Thursday, September 11, 2008

Allow me to introduce myself....

...and I dare you to try and stop me.

My name is Angelina. It is my middle name and my family has a strange tradition of calling all the women of the family by their middle names...unless they happen to get themselves in trouble that is.

I was born and raised in Seattle Washington. I left that state back in 1998 and moved to Colorado. A few years after that, I moved South to where I am now in New Mexico. I miss the color green if you want to know the truth and I dearly, dearly miss the ocean which is why I usually go to Puerto Penasco at least once a year.

I'm an animal lover. I don't care what sort of animal it is--with the strange exception to monkeys--I love it. My favorite over all has got to be tigers. Of course I love other big (and small) cats as well. I share my house with a couple of them.

I also share my home with my boyfriend of 21 months (but who's counting?) as well as his 14 year old son. I myself have given birth to one son who is currently in the custody of his father in Colorado.

Thanks to my boyfriend I know more then I need to about computers. Thanks to my love of animals I get to work with the furry ones on an almost daily basis. Thanks to my parents, I'm here on this planet wondering where it all went wrong.

I am opinionated and I don't always think before I talk and sometimes I suffer the consequences of that action. I do not push my opinions or beliefs onto others, but I will state them if I want to and just leave it at that.

I like to cook, hate to clean (unless it's my kitchen I'm cleaning), love to create (draw, write, play with play-dough), love being outdoors, like to travel, and love to eat.

I'm not short, I'm fun sized--I'm not overweight either.

I like movies and some television shows. I can not stand reality shows. I watch television to escape reality, why the bleeding hell would I want to watch someone else's reality? Specially when those someones are boring and shouldn't be on the telly to begin with! I like shows that make me think, or just plain out entertain me. I will from time to time watch and review the latest television show or movie, I generally put in snarky comments while going over synopsis' and you should be able to tell those comments from the original synopsis. I'll make it easy for you even if you don't know me.

Sometimes I'll review books as well. Just basically share my thoughts on whatever happens to cross my path at any given time.

Guess now is a good time as any to begin.............

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