Thursday, December 3, 2009

Surgery date set!

S has finally gotten his surgery date for his gastric by-pass! He'll be going in on the 14th of this month, which means we have only a week to pull together funds for hotel and accommodation's for ten days in Lubbock, TX. Thankfully the bills are alright for this month and I'm hoping nothing unexpected pops up between now and the 22nd at least. Monday he goes to Lubbock, TX for pre-op stuff then comes home Tuesday night. Wouldn't be so bad if we didn't live in Los Alamos, NM which is around 435 miles, 7 to 10 hour drive from Lubbock. This means that the rest of the money I have in my Pony Fund (money that me and S agreed on together to put aside to allow me to buy My Little Ponies) will now instead go for this trip, the kids will be left at home with our friend and his wife, I'm hoping that we'll be able to stay home for Christmas instead of having to drive down to Las Cruces NM (a 318 mile, 5 hour drive) to see his parents and everyone knows that Christmas will be a small event this year. And I do mean small, almost non-existent where gifts are concerned.

For the most part, the family is completely understanding and okay with that....unfortunately this does not include S's mother. She still expects us to buy presents for not just her, but others in the family as well, on top of coming down to her house for the holiday. What really pisses me off about this (and this on it's own makes me never want to talk or have any contract with her) but she's having the EXACT same surgery on the EXACT same day with the EXACT same doctor as S, but she's flying down (and expects us to pick her up from the airport in Lubbock then drop her off when she's cleared to go home) instead of driving and expects US to understand why SHE can't afford presents or anything fancy for Christmas. And yet our situation is the same and we're expected to buy everyone presents..not just from us, but also buy presents from HER too. I am absolutely dumbfounded on the lack of logic. The fact that she would even expect that actually doesn't surprise me even in the tiniest bit. The fact that she's going to be very put off and upset at us because we're not going to do as she wishes makes me want to write her off completely and never see her again.

Unfortunately his dad is the sweetest person on the planet (right next to my own dad of course) and writing her off would also mean writing him off and that's just not fair to him. Specially since the kids love him (Grandma not so much). God knows hell will rise if we go down there empty handed so even though I'm completely uncomfortable even thinking about asking this, I have set up a donation taking section on my website and I do ask that if you can, please, please help! Even a donation of just a dollar will go a long way (I still have connections--I'm hoping at least!) and will go 100% to the surgery and everything around it. I already know that the small amount we're going to do this year is going to piss my "mother-in-law" off and probably make her hate me even more, but she's not the one who is most important here, S is. S looked into this surgery first. S picked out this doctor first. S got his surgery date first. And for reasons even our children cannot understand she has to copy him. The woman has mental problems she is in denial of I am sure. Either way a little is better than nothing and she will be happy with that or I will find a way to keep S's dad in the picture while completely cutting her off.

If you can help financially, please see my website The Black Lioness and scroll to the bottom of the main page there for the Paypal donate button and click on it. You do not need a Paypal account (but they are free and if you decide to sign up for one I do suggest getting a free Merchant account--saves on fees, trust me!) you can use a credit card or eCheck. I originally set up the donate account for donations to help me pay for customizing and collecting ponies that I never got around to actually using so the thank you page has a happy Butterscotch My Little Pony on it.

If you cannot help financially I do not mind at all. An e-hug and grumblings about S's mother is just as welcomed. Share a few "mother-in-law" stories yourself so I don't feel like mine is beyond Cruella DeVille evil. Donations of My Little Ponies are also welcomed (I actually have a page for that), but we need the money more than the ponies. However, I never look a gift horse in the mouth so send away! Feel free to roam the site, it's a bit small at the moment and sign the book if you wish.

Thanks to everyone for everything.
To my fellow MLP lovers gals and guys alike, for keeping the My Little Pony Trading Post and My Little Pony Arena alive and hopping, for being willing to part with your ponies at prices I can actually afford and just for being a great group of individuals!
To my friends who'll read this and still like to tease me about my new addiction to My Little Ponies, I love you for that. You're the ones who help keep me sane by reminding me it's not always serious.
To the women with nightmarish mother-in-laws or boyfriend's mothers, ladies be strong! I know this time of year is the hardest and it seems like holidays always bring out the worst in them, just remember it's not about them though. It's about the ones closest to you whom you spend all or most of your time with. You can't make everyone happy all of the time. Pick your battles!

Happy Holidays and best wishes to you all!


Mauricem said...

That sounds rough. If S wants to do something to improve his life then I say support him. Let the chips fall where they may.
My Little Pony? I didn't even know they were still around. We just posted one on our blog if your interested. LOL

Angie said...

That is the plan...his mother can just kiss my happy go lucky rear. S has even given me permission to explode at her if she pushes my buttons. He thinks someone has got to do it and perhaps that will make her think.

Yes, they are still making My Little Ponies. However the new design Hasbro has released for 2009 look like aliens and not the fun Aliens either. Staying far away from the new ponies!!

Haha, I know the person who made that custom My Little Pony. Have you see her others? She's got quite the movie theme going on.

Mauricem said...

LOL That is great. Whenever I see a funny pic I try and locate the source and I just couldn't find it anywhere.