Monday, December 7, 2009


Well it figures it would snow on the day S needs to head South. Which of course isn't going to be a problem, it's when he needs to head back North that has me slightly worried. Of course we knew this was coming. We've been keeping an eye on the weather and will continue to do so until we get back.

Also need to note, for no good reason except that it's cute and makes me smile to think upon, my kitten (okay so she's 1 year and five months old) has a thing for the My Little Ponies I have gotten recently. These are gently used from other homes and they don't have a bad odor to them at all....but something about them makes her go a little quirky and attack them. It's mostly with the G3s, not the G1s which is some relief, although soon the G3s I like are going to become rare. Already can't find them in the stores thanks to Hasbro's 'New Design' disaster they call My Little Pony. But kitten doesn't do the ponies any harm, just loves up on them pretends to chew on them and is currently laying in the middle of them. Either this is her way of telling me that I need to play with her more or she wants to be a My Little Pony too. My Little Kitty perhaps (why does that sound like something that actually was done in the 80s??????).

So the countdown has begun to the trip to Lubbock, TX. Of course no one has donated even a penny to the cause which doesn't surprise me in any little or big way. I didn't actually think anyone would care, but it never hurts to ask now does it? I keep changing my homepage in that area but have finally (we can hope) come to a decision as to what to put! I mean, how do you ask total strangers for money?? On the internet? Never was good at panhandling. Good thing I don't have to do it. *lightbulb moment* Okay I have once again updated the home page to say that any money donated that isn't used for the surgery or related will be passed on to others. Not going to hold my breath though. Depressed Pony

Since I will be spending most of today and tomorrow alone I figured I'd work more on my web-site. Problem is, I haven't a clue what else I should add! I don't even have any non-MLP related links for crying out loud! I have MLP related stuff, old fan fiction from three different movies, random stuff I'm selling, links...I guess I'm just going to have to sit back and think about it for a bit. At least I've got a couple of movies to watch tonight; Sleepless in Seattle which I've seen before but it's still cute. Plus it takes place in my hometown which I sort of miss and Julie and Julia that movie about Julia Childs. Been wanting to see it and now have a copy in my hot little usb drive.

Okay Little Tech (that adorable kitten of mine--this is her nick-name when I am working on computers and she comes in to help) is making me nervous by suddenly taking an interest in the computer I'm using. She keeps looking into the tower window as if she's looking for something. This isn't a new case, she's seen it before so now I'm wondering what she's about.

I think the snow has made the cats too quirky. Bast the kitten is running through the house after Memnoch our female 11 year old black bombay. Usually it's Bast and Trouble (the male black bombay, only 3 years old and has no tail) running through the house. I guess I can die of shock if I see B.K. our 5 year old female bi-polar orange long hair, running through the house with any cat. In fact, I haven't even seen B.K. today. Must not be a social-able day for her.

I think I'm going to go work on the sales page. Make it more friendly and with easy add to cart buttons.

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