Saturday, October 10, 2009

Well...didn't see that coming....

Thursday 8 October, Andrew Lloyd Webber unveils his brand new production “LOVE NEVER DIES” at a global launch in London. Andrew Lloyd Webber’s long awaited new show will have its World Premiere in London at the Adelphi Theatre on Tuesday 9 March 2010 followed by New York on Thursday 11 November and in Australia in 2011.

“LOVE NEVER DIES” continues the story of ‘The Phantom’, who has moved from his lair in the Paris Opera House to haunt the fairgrounds of Coney Island, far across the Atlantic. Set 10 years after the mysterious disappearance of ‘The Phantom’ from Paris, this show is a rollercoaster ride of obsession and which music and memory can play cruel tricks...and ‘The Phantom’ sets out to prove that, indeed, “LOVE NEVER DIES”.

“The Phantom of the Opera”, based on the French novel by Gaston Leroux, has proved a huge success the world over and has been seen by over 100 million people, making it the single most successful entertainment entity in history. The show has been translated into 15 languages and appeared in over 25 different countries including China, Brazil, Poland and Korea. “The Phantom of the Opera” opened at Her Majesty’s Theatre in London on 9 October 1986 starring Sarah Brightman and Michael Crawford and celebrates its 23rd London birthday tomorrow on 9 October. “The Phantom of the Opera” won a staggering 50 awards worldwide, whilst global album sales currently stand at over 40 million copies.
I have been a phan for ages and adored the 2004 movie. I've seen Phantom of the Opera on stage three different times ages ago when I lived in Seattle. (I've also seen Cats on stage before it stopped playing) I would be delighted to see this in London, but of course that's not looking like it'll happen. At least an opportunity for it to happen has yet to present itself.....I do have until March though. *wink*

Other news, apparently Darth Vader made an appearance in the annual Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta this year. It made it's first appearance in 2007. I haven't been to the Fiesta since 2003 I's been awhile to say the least. If you live in New Mexico or love balloons and haven't heard of this yearly event, then you my friend must get out of the house. Seriously....this time of year it is a royal bitch to drive through Albuquerque...which is why I am at home. The Fiesta ends tomorrow and on Monday we (just me and my guy) get to drive through on our way to Lubbock TX. We have business to do there and we'll be back home late, LATE Tuesday night. There will be death to the 15 year old if he even thinks about throwing a party. You think Darth Vader's bad...wait until you cross me...there is a reason one of my nicknames is Darth...seriously. Not funny.

Just thought I'd take a moment to say how much I love my dear close to me friends....all two of them. -_-; It's hard to keep a hold of friends when you or they move (specially since one of them is part of the Army life) or your lives just go in a different direction. I know I have more than just two friends, but the ones I'm thinking about are ones I've had for years. That doesn't happen to often with me. I have a nasty habit of outgrowing friends or acquaintances. Although a small search on shows that a friend from a long time ago seems to be following me....and by that I mean living in parts of the country I had lived a few years ago. I just found that interesting and shared it for no other reason.

Apparently LSU has a real live tiger as their mascot. No, seriously...and he is very well taken care of too. Which is good....yeah, no Tony the tiger jokes...his name is Mike. That just makes me want to go to LSU...Mike was named 5th best mascot in the nation. I'm surprised it's only fifth. I would have thought he would have at least come in first. Sparty from Michigan State, Ralphie of Colorado and Purdue Pete from Purdue round out the top five. Yeah...nice ESPN. Sometimes you really do suck. Specially since I get your ruddy magazine and I can't read articles on the web-site without having to buy an Insider Pass....yeah suck it babe, not getting any money out of me.

Still like the Mike the Tiger though...

Been reading Dan Brown's new novel The Lost Symbol. I have to stop from time to time to figure out the codes here and there because I find that stuff fun and pleasurable. Also trying to see if I can't figure it out before the characters do. Although that's sort of difficult since the book has already been written....yeah talk about possibly being confusing. LOL.

Getting a headache from being on the computer for so damn long, so I'm going to get back to my book. As in the one I'm reading, not writing.


Mauricem said...

I was actually a big fan of the play too (own a mask and the screenplay book), and when I heard about a sequel I thought "Hunh"? I still have reservations, but I'll see it anyway.

Angie said...

I'm way to curious about it not to see it!