Sunday, September 27, 2009

So much for my happy ending (aka the italic post)

You ever notice that very few 'romantic comedies' these days end in disaster? I mean the girl always gets the guy and of course vice versa. What the fuck is that? I mean I know the whole idea of movies is to escape reality (which is why to me the increase of reality shows is absolutely destroying regular television) but unless it is sci-fi (or is it now SyFy? and why???) shouldn't we expect a little bit of realism in, for an example (and because I just got done watching it for the first time) How to Loose a Guy in 10 Days? Yes it's sweet and a bit amazing that the two ended up together, but since all these movies are ending in the same way, you expect the main characters to end up together! It's predictable and safe.

Screw that!

I want to see a romantic comedy where the two main character do not end up together despite how much they go through trying to be together or end up together. And I want it to be good. Why? Because frankly that is how real life generally goes. The girl does not always get the guy and vice versa. One would think that because reality television (or crap tv as it is referred to in my house) is so bleeding popular these days that some of it would leak over into movies. Even just a drop. Or perhaps screenwriters have thought the same as little me but the big wigs sitting high in their studio offices overlooking their kingdom of fantasy do not want to see such a thing happen to their precious fiefdom. Because, you know remaking movies like Friday the 13th is so much better than coming up with anything new and interesting.

Bugs Forbid!

Of course they can continue the ever increasing trend of taking really well written novels and screw them up by turning them into 'b' rated movies. Although I seriously do not know what it is when they take horribly written and accepted books *cough*stepheniemeyer*cough* and turn them into even worst movies.........good business sense I suppose. Even if the movie versions have increasingly disappointed and confused fans (example: the burning of the Weasley's home in Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.) they continue taking what ever they can get their hands on and ruining it. And we know that novels (and crap-tackular books) are not the only victims of these Kings of Fantasy Fiefdoms--comics have no immunity despite the superheros that between the pages are immune to much. Although I do admit to enjoying the X-Men movies, but that may just be due to the fact that I have never read any of the comics--truthfully I've never read any comic and I am pretty sure graphic novels do not count as comics despite the way they're set up. Their first try with The Incredible Hulk which was actually titled The Hulk was a complete and utter flop. Their second try (The Incredible Hulk) faired a bit better...but not by too much. They've also tried with many many other comics...Tank Girl, Watchmen, the Blade movies, The Crow, Punisher, Hellboy,The Incredibles, The Phantom, etc. Seriously, an entire list of comics to movies has been complied--just to tell you what the movie is about because there is no way it's going to base itself on the comic it's characters are actually from. The actual key to surviving watching such movies whether they're based on award-winning novels, crap books or comics, is to never ever read the novel/book/comic in the first place!

I am not too stuck up or blind to openly admit that there has been a few gems that came stumbling from one of those Fantasy Fiefdoms...if there hadn't been at least one then the making of such movies wouldn't be a growing trend---yes, that is putting some faith into those glorious Kings puttering around in their large comfortable offices that no doubt have posters in elegant frames of award winning movies like Indiana Jones.

There is some hope for the future.....?

I do hold out some hope as I glance at a few titles that are currently in theaters, coming to theaters or in production. But that hope is souly based upon the previews I have seen of such movies as 9 (Tim Burton creates the greatest things--usually), All About Steve (although a part of me says that she'll end up winning the guy in the end even though in real life something like that would not happen. At least I'm prepared to not be surprised), Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs (I'm a sucker for kid films--at least with them, the predictability is quite low), Love Happens (At least this one is a bit more real than most), The Informant and Surrogates. (A movie all about fantasy..) Of course the real test will be the movies themselves and if they can hold up to the promises they have made in the previews and trailers.

So as I sit here and enjoy --and do trust me, most of the movies I gripe about being predictable I do enjoy nonetheless--the stuff that has made it past those silly Kings of Fantasy Fiefdoms, I still can't help but yearn for something unpredictably creative and new.

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