Wednesday, September 30, 2009

It's All About Our Dreams.

I have a reputation of having some of the strangest dreams. I mean not everyone can boast that they've driven a 911 Porsche convertible in the pouring rain while wearing an evening gown....and having the steering wheel both not a wheel but as a large crank and on the passenger side of the car. BUT! Still being able to drive it while sitting in the American driver side! Yeah....I still haven't lived that one down. Not just the dream, but the fact I was silly enough to share it.

Despite lessons that should have been learned by sharing above mentioned dream (and come on, we both know nothing was learned since I just put it on the lovely Internet!) I am about to share another, quite unusual dream that I had early this morning....

Imagine, if you will a huge opera imagine the huge stage, and I do mean H-U-G-E. Separate the stage from the rest of the house with a huge Plexiglas that runs from ceiling to floor, one wall across to the other. Seats are placed right against this glass and the seating is multi-floor--no large open spaces. Instead of looking out at rows of people, you look out to rows and floors of people. Each floor only having one row and the rows were divided up like box seats. Real nice.

The reasoning behind all of this is because, for some strange reason, the stage area gets flooded with water. This is the performance. Down basically underwater. My brother is doing a performance and I am sitting with my mother in one of the box seats. I unlatch myself from the chair to get up because I have done the performance my brother is doing and I want to help him. My mother says "No Way!' while making the baseball sign for safe and she accidentally hit's the Plexiglas. It shatters dramatically and we both go scrambling for our lives as the audience part is rapidly filling with water. We manage to get out of the place into open air, other people are pouring (literally too!) out of the doors behind us and I start running around calling my brother's name looking for him.

My brother just turned 25 this year and he is my younger brother, but in this dream, when I find him he looks to be the age of twelve. I hug him very much glad to have found him safe then thought that we really should go find my sweetie to let him know we all were alright since he wasn't at the performance.

I woke up. I immediately decided that I shall have no Fruit by the Foot before bedtime ever again.

Although my nighttime or early morning time is quite filled with interesting and strange things to write about, my daytime muse seems to have left the country for a bit. I've been wanting to write something else besides fan fiction. Something that if I wanted to I could actually send to a publishing house and if it was good enough I could get published. There are a few ideas rattling around upstairs, but nothing is actually forming from those ideas. Not even bad stuff.

I have noticed that of course this road is a lot harder than the fan fiction road and I can usually come up with a pretty good beginning and end for a story, but get a little lost in the middle. I have a hard time getting the story from where it starts to where I want it to end having it end exactly as I want it to with the amount of emotion I want it to. Truthfully I hardly ever get to the end part. I usually run out of steam shortly after the beginning. Which is quite sad since I've had some great ideas fizzle out on me. I've got an entire folder filled with stories that have beginnings, outlines, story boards, but no ends. At least not put in a acceptable story form. I always think that I'd get back to those stories (some of these are fan fiction too!) but I never do come back around to them.

Except for one story. One that isn't quite fan fiction but holds close to a very popular genera. I even have gone and rewritten what I had before, starting and molding it and the characters differently then I had before, but keeping with the same desired outcome. Not sure if it would even be accepted enough to be published, but I have always seen it becoming a series of books. Everyone loves a good series. Keyword there is good.

There has to be a reason I keep coming back to that particular story over all the other ones I've done. I've never rewritten a story before. I never keep wanting to actually come back to a story no matter how long of time has past.

My problem is that no matter how many times I open the folder, it still sits on my server not added to. I have all the materials, all the articles and facts I need to really work on it, but I keep coming to a roadblock and I don't have the tools to dismantle the block and keep going.

Sad really. People keep telling me I should write because apparently I'm good at it. Of course to find out if those people are just blowing smoke up my tail pipe or if what they say has any ring of truth to it, I need to finish just ONE bleeding story and send it to different places. Or something along those lines. Oh dear..I feel some information finding coming...might need to hold on to something.

[A whole minute passed]

Okay, so finding the answers and information I suddenly was curious about didn't take as long as I thought it would. I also used for the first time instead of forgive me google, I shall always love you.

My sudden question was how exactly should a person go about getting something published? Obviously this needed to be answered before I could troop any further (and maybe actually knowing and maybe learning some new things will take down that block of mine) although one could argue that why know it since you haven't gotten anything to publish?

Well, I have finished a short story. Of course it would be better placed in the pages of Playboy than anywhere else.

What I found might be helpful. A place called The page I'm linking to is devoted to publishing a novel and is written by a person who is a publisher at a publishing house so I'm thinking they'd know.

From just glancing over that page alone it looks like the articles alone would help me on my writing. Not to mention how to go about getting something published. Hopefully this information indeed helps. I guess sometime down the road you'll know if you ever pick up one of my books. *wink* And trust me...if you read it, you'll know it is me.

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