Thursday, July 7, 2011

Facebook and Caylee Maire Anthony

ATTENTION: Those of you who are leaving your porch lights on for Caylee are idiots. You are wasting precious energy and are running up you bill. And for what? Can your neighbors look at your porch lights and go "Oh, those are on for Caylee". NO! More in likely they are shining into the window of someone's bedroom and/or annoying your neighbors in other ways.

You want to do something for Caylee, be more active in volunteer work for kids. Donate money to charities that help the families of murder victims. Make a wood sign for ALL the children lost to murders. You know Caylee isn't the only one but no one can name the others even though the cases were well televised at the time.

Get off your lazy ass and do something that actually MATTERS!
How does wasting energy and money help the child? SHE IS DEAD. She no longer needs help. Where were you when she was still alive? Not giving a damn that's where. No one cares or even notices until there is a cold body.
One woman of 51 years old spent over $3,000 on hotel and food and spent over 100 hours waiting in lines to go into the courtroom to watch this case. The money and time could have benefited children and families in need but it was wasted.
This country is fucked up.

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