Saturday, July 24, 2010

Been a while..

So that should mean I have loads to tell you...

I moved to a new house the first of June, closed on the house the end of June, spent time in the hospital because my dad was in a motorcycle accident that broke both his legs and upper arms, watched a great fireworks display from the deck off the master bedroom, haven't heard from the seller about fixing the problems he promised to fix since I've signed the paperwork and I might be pregnant.

That pretty much sums up June and July. Tomorrow we're going to the Isotopes game (baseball) with some family and Monday we go register son for high school here, he's going to be a Junior so he's almost out of the house. Still have the 10 year old though and possibly a new one. After registering we're heading down to Lubbock TX for a couple of days then to Las Cruces and then home.

Nothing else to report I guess. Or I am just too tired to care at the moment.

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Maurice Mitchell said...

I hope each of these turn into a blog post because I'm dying to hear about it. Way to build suspense. LOL